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About Us

The professional dental services we offer at our practice are listed below:


If metal braces don't suit you, then Invisalign may work for you. Invisalign are clear aligners that are custom-made according to your dental structure.

Invisalign are virtually invisible and they fit perfectly over your teeth. They are engineered to provide the right amount of pressure to your teeth in the right places. This means that your teeth will gradually move into the perfect alignment following a treatment plan, created by our dentist. 

Emergency Dental Care

We are available to help you whenever a dental emergency happens. If you require emergency dental care, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the emergency dental care that you need and deserve at Bartlett Dental Associates.

Bartlett Dental Associates is available to address most, if not all, emergency dental care requirements of our patients.


Braces can be used to effectively correct alignment and crowded teeth. Even if your teeth are straight, your upper and lower jaws might not meet properly because of an issue with your teeth's alignment. These problems might lead to other oral problems, including tooth decay, tooth loss and jaw problems.

If you are considering braces, we recommended that you visit our dentist.

Teeth Whitening

There are a number of reasons for why your teeth might have changed color. Common causes involve eating, drinking and lifestyle habits, such as eating candy, drinking coffee and smoking. While most people choose to perform teeth whitening remedies at home, our dentist at Bartlett Dental Associates can offer you in-office whitening treatments.

Zoom In-Office Teeth Whitening

Zoom in-office teeth whitening is known to remove discoloration from your teeth. The patented whitening gel is applied to the patient’s teeth for about 1 hour.

When you select the Zoom in-office teeth whitening procedure, it’s extremely important that you consult our dentist who understands the requirements, risks, and precautions of the procedure. From the preliminary examination to the precautions during the procedure, you can be sure that our dentist will gladly assist you with this procedure.


Abscesses are pockets of infected tissue surrounding cavities. Common signs of an abscess include swollen gums and jaw aches. If you are experiencing any symptoms, consult with our dentist. We can discuss the available treatment options with you.


Many people who experience tooth decay and plaque build-up assume that their only option is extraction. Luckily, crowns offer a less extreme solution to this problem. Crowns can preserve your natural tooth by covering the affected area, preventing further damage. Some procedures that require dental crowns are listed below:

  • Chipped or broken teeth that are immediately visible as soon as the dental array is revealed. This could cause a gap in the set of your teeth that needs surface replacement.

  • Root canal treatment could also be the cause as it often requires a significant portion of the tooth to be removed to make way for the support structure and the cleaning process.

  • To save weak and damage-prone teeth that could be at risk of getting weaker. This is a temporary crown that does not need permanent fixing.

  • A crown may also be fitted for cosmetic reasons. This usually involves fancy metals and materials.

We have the expertise to install crowns.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning are highly recommended for removing bacteria and plaque that are regularly accumulated in the mouth. Our teeth cleaning process includes a thorough dental examination, plaque and tartar removal, flossing and teeth polishing. During this procedure, our dentist can offer you additional information about how to take good care of your teeth.

If you live in the Bartlett Tennessee areas and need an oral health professional, then Bartlett Dental Associates is the place to go to for excellent dental care.

Dental Imaging Techniques

When you go to our dentist, a large part of the initial visit is spent taking tests and/or diagnosing any dental issues you may be experiencing. In many cases, the kind of x-ray used can provide immediate results, which makes it easier for both our dentist and you to understand the problem and assess it accordingly.